Travel aligns your perspective

Jackie & Andy here! An adventure loving couple that met in Paihia, New Zealand in 2010 and has been focused on discovering the world ever since.

After finding each other on the other side of the world we both knew that we would always follow what made us happy. This led us to many journeys and discoveries we are excited to share!

We are hoping to provide a realistic yet inspiring glimpse into traveling. Whether this means backpacking for an extended time or just trying to check some key spots off your bucket list. There are plenty of high touched, ultra glossy and stylised images of those “off the beaten track gems” to inspire you or make you wish you could be there.

Through our collective experiences from our passion to travel, we hope to show the best parts of discovering a new world, culture and people. Perhaps this will help you take the first leap and uncover your new favorite city/mountain/beach or you have already had a taste of adventure and you’re looking for more tips and direction. Either way, use us as resource into seeing what is really out there in the great wide world and the best ways to conquer it!